Lead generation

Are you looking for a successful solution of national or international lead generation? Lead generation can be useful for any type or size of business, and for both B2C and B2B spaces. Learn more about the lead generation of our sales team, get tips from our sales experts, explore our 4 selected study cases and 4 selected references and learn more about the lead generation in general.

Lead generation powered by an external sales team

Step by step more and more companies understand that their talented and expensive sales reps should use their sales skills in the first line of their marketing and sales team. They know that their sales reps should not lose their motivation and energy and waste their time cold calling unqualified potential customers when there are ways of more effective lead generation.

Our international sales team can analyze your current lead generation, offer you more solutions, test all of them, prepare a new strategy, generate your sales reps high quality leads or also sell your products/services nationally or internationally.

What should motivate you to the lead generation powered by an external sales team?

The simple experience that the higher quality leads you direct your sales team to, the more of those leads will result in sales.

Lead generation in Germany: study case Nr. 1

The lead generation of recruiters is different. Some of them use affiliate partners, to open the door to their new customers by recommendation. Fast way called also as business lobbying. The number of leads determinates the size of personal network. Effective way, but one should invest a lot of time in building of relationships, recommendation and trust personally.

Next ways of lead generation are the cold calls, using the right database of potential new customers. (We will write about the preparation of the right database later.)

Let’s jump back to our experiences with lead generation in 2017. An international recruiter contacted our company, because the number of their affiliate partners on the German market was limited. The lead generation stopped and they couldn’t grow. We defined 8 different target groups in 5 regions and got a great database of potential customers. The decision makers were defined, their names, phone numbers and email-addresses in the database.

lead generation

We concentrated our lead generation first on the analysis of the target groups. As we mentioned we defined step by step more and more new target groups to analyze their potency. We focused our cold calls first on 3 questions, to start the communication in friendly and not pushing way and to see the reactions of customers, seeking currently new employees for different positions in their companies. One of the target groups was very unproductive by the lead generation: only 7% of the contacted potential customers were interested. By the next target group we spoke about 27% of confirmed interest. The average was between 42% and 51%. The best target group generated excellent results: 64% of successful contacted companies were interested to get more information, confirmed interest in cooperation now or in the future and they wanted to stay in regularly connection with our customer.

During the lead generation our call center agents contacted 515 German companies. In 2017 the German industry was hungry for new employees, but the offer of recruiters was also gigantic. Results? 253 new leads showed interest for the services of our customer. The average was  49% of the companies. After 6 weeks testing process and 6 weeks of real customer acquisition our lead generation brought 3 new contracts in average value of € 80.000 / year / contract.

Lead generation in Germany: study case Nr. 2

lead generation

Lead generation in Spain: study case Nr. 3

lead generation

Lead generation in Germany: study case Nr. 4

lead generation

What did our selected customers say about our national or international lead generation?

lead generation

“We were – and still are – absolutely happy to do a very good job with the ReformBusiness Sales Team. Unfortunately there are many black sheeps on the market, that’s why we have come across a recommendation to Laszlo and his team. The first exploratory talks confirmed the words of praise with which Laszlo was described to us. The quality of the leads that the ReformBusiness Sales Team provides is excellent. We were also completely convinced by the clear, very structured and, in particular, transparent way of working. We would 100% recommend the services of the ReformBusiness Sales Team. In particular, the speed of work, the very strategic approach, the first-class networking and the transparent reporting make the cooperation very valuable for us. We always exactly know what happens with our investment and are well informed about the current acquisition-status. The guys are absolutely professional – so we can confidently recommend their services.“

Stefan Andorfer, Co-Founder of ZOMBIE Kaffee GmbH, Munich (Germany)

lead generation

“We were very satisfied with the lead generation of the ReformBusiness Sales Team. We were able to reach a large number of potential customers and qualify them for further cooperation. I can recommend the services of the ReformBusiness Sales Team without reservation and have already done this in my personal environment. The cooperation is structured and efficient. Both in person and by phone. The procedure can be quickly and individually adapted to the respective situation. This is invaluable, especially at the beginning of customer acquisition. Thank you for the pleasant cooperation.”

Michael Haus, CEO of getya.music GmbH, Munich (Germany)

lead generation

“We were satisfied with the lead generation of the ReformBusiness Sales Team and we already have new tasks for the company. I can recommend the ReformBusiness Sales Team to anyone who would like to outsource quick and reliable research work and sales tasks.”

Gerd Hartmann, CEO of PIZZA INNOVAZIONE GmbH, Munich (Germany)

lead generation

“We were very satisfied with the lead generation provided by the ReformBusiness Sales Team. The quality, the extension of the service and the communication are on the highest European level. We are happy to recommend the ReformBusiness Sales Team service to others. We have to note that the Central European service providers should be well prepared for the Western European expectations. Only the qualitative product and the perfect preparation lead to business success. The high flexibility and the creative attitude of the ReformBusiness Sales Team made a big impression on us. In a nutshell, the ReformBusiness Sales Team is a reliable service provider and an active partner in reaching the company’s goals.”

Ing. Juraj Horský, PhD., CEO of D.I.H. s.r.o., Bratislava (Slovakia)

About the lead generation in general

Who is a potential customer?

Potential customer is a person or entity who may buy your products or services (or both).  There is a high possibility of this person or entity buying what you offer.

Before launching a new business venture, a product or service, you need to identify your potential customer base. Grouping person or entities allow you to identify which group is the most appropriate target for your products or services (or for both).

What is a target group?

A target group is a particular group of your potential customers. It is a group of potential customers to whom your company wants to sell its products or services (or both).

The target group can be defined by country, region, incomes, size, field of activity, industry, population, climate, age, gender, size, lifestyle, personality, interests, habits, values etc. You decide about your target group, but in the end the reactions and the sales success of the target groups shows you the right one.

What is a lead?

A lead is any potential customer who indicates interest in a company’s product or service (or both) in some way, shapes, or form. If we analyze the sales funnel, the lead is a potential customer with interest, with demand. The potential customer knows about your product or services (or both) or is a similar product or service (or both) seeking.