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Our international sales team improves the sales success of our customers both, nationally and internationally. Our services are flexible, you decide what you need: sales analysis, sales consulting, sales strategy, planning, presale, market analysis, lead generation, trust building, acquisition, external sales rep, sales or upsell. No matter what we sell and where we sell it – our common goal is your growing sales success.

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Our References

ZOMBIE Kaffee in Munich (Germany)

“We were – and still are – absolutely happy to do a very good job with the ReformBusiness Sales Team. Unfortunately there are many black sheeps on the market, that’s why we have come across a recommendation to László and his team. The first exploratory talks confirmed the words of praise with which László was described to us. The quality of the leads that the ReformBusiness Sales Team provides is excellent. We were also completely convinced by the clear, very structured and, in particular, transparent way of working. We would 100% recommend the services of the ReformBusiness Sales Team. In particular, the speed of work, the very strategic approach, the first-class networking and the transparent reporting make the cooperation very valuable for us. We always exactly know what happens with our investment and are well informed about the current acquisition-status. The guys are absolutely professional – so we can confidently recommend their services. “

Stefan Andorfer, Co-Founder of ZOMBIE Kaffee in Munich (Germany)

Our References

RetroLabs in San Francisco (USA)

“The sales consulting of the ReformBusiness Sales Team was excellent, excited to potentially work further in the future. Gave us a new insights for how we can sell/structure our business model.”

Seva Mouler, CEO of RetroLabs in San Francisco (USA)

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getya.music in Munich (Germany)

“We were very satisfied with the customer acquisition of the ReformBusiness Sales Team. We were able to reach a large number of potential customers and qualify them for further cooperation. I can recommend the services of the ReformBusiness Sales Team without reservation and have already done this in my personal environment. The cooperation is structured and efficient. Both in-person and by phone. The procedure can be quickly and individually adapted to the respective situation. This is invaluable, especially at the beginning of customer acquisition. Thank you for the pleasant cooperation.”

Michael Haus, CEO at getya.music in Munich (Germany)

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D.I.H. in Bratislava (Slovakia)​

“We were very satisfied with the service provided by the ReformBusiness Sales Team. The quality, the extension of the service and the communication are on the highest European level. We are happy to recommend the ReformBusiness Sales Team service to others. We have to note that the Central European service providers should be well prepared for the Western European expectations. Only the qualitative product and the perfect preparation lead to business success. The high flexibility and the creative attitude of the ReformBusiness Sales Team made a big impression on us. In a nutshell, the ReformBusiness Sales Team is a reliable service provider and an active partner in reaching the company’s goals.”

Ing. Juraj Horský, PhD., CEO of D.I.H. in Bratislava (Slovakia)

Our References

Pizza Innovazione in Munich (Germany)

“We were satisfied with the new customer acquisition of the ReformBusiness Sales Team and we already have new tasks for the company. I can recommend the ReformBusiness Sales Team to anyone who would like to outsource quick and reliable research work and sales tasks.”

Gerd Hartmann, CEO of Pizza Innovazione in Munich (Germany)

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Kreatel in Ľubotín (Slovakia)

“I was and still I’m very satisfied with the services of the ReformBusiness Sales Team. I hope that we have started a top-class collaboration that will be valuable for both sides. I would also like to recommend the ReformBusiness Sales Team to my friends. The ReformBusiness Sales Team is professional, with a charismatic manager who always puts his customers first.”

Martin Volk, CEO of Kreatel in Ľubotín (Slovakia)

Our References

Citispotter Ltd. in Cambridge (UK)

“We were satisfied with the sales consulting of Dr. László Bódi and his ReformBusiness Sales Team. The consulting session was very insightful. We are fully satisfied with the level of quality. We would definitely recommend their services to others. The service from Dr. László Bódi and the ReformBusiness Sales Team is very helpful. The consultant was patient in addressing our issues. His experienced insights on sales and marketing amplification on social channels using organic strategies were extremely helpful, crucial and on point. We also benefitted from his sense of branding and advise on how we can create a globally impactful brand.”

Pallav Sethiya, Co-Founder & CEO at Citispotter Ltd. in Cambridge (UK)

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