Continue the Acquisition of Customer After the Cold Call


The sales process starts with analysis and with a good strategy, definition of potential customers and their target group, preparation of potential customer data, contacting the potential customer and lead generation. Let’s check first the definition of the lead.

5 rules of new customer acquisition by Cold Calls (3)


The new customer acquisition by cold calls has some rules, they are very important for your success and in our last 2 video-blogs we mentioned Rule Nr. 1: dial the decision maker in the right time and Rule Nr. 2: speak with the decision maker: quality versus quantity.
Our ReformBusiness International Sales Team provides weekly thousands of cold calls in the name of our customers worldwide. Target group: decision makers of small and middle-sized companies.
Let’s talk today about Rule Nr. 3 use the right words, sentences and the right tonalty to awake interest.

Yes, we might be interested, means no income yet

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Our call-center makes several thousand cold-calls per month on behalf of our customers. Regardless of whether we sell products or services, regardless of whether we address small or large companies on behalf of our customers, the answer “Yes, we might be interested” does not mean automatic income. The key words of effective sales are: innovation and trust building.